Becoming a health technology expert through practice


Ville Andsten, who studied international trade and worked in various positions related to international trade, received a call from the Finnish Sooma Ltd in the summer of 2018 and an invitation to join the group. “I remember wondering if I had enough of the right kind of skills to work in a medical device company. The industry was completely foreign to me,” Ville says of his doubts. “Fortunately, I bravely joined in,” he notes, however, and continues, “when the attitude is right, everything can be learned. And if there is an interest in the industry and a real desire to help patients, the motivation remains high all the time”.


From a novice to an expert in the field

Before Sooma, Ville had lived and worked abroad. The last work before Sooma was at the Finnish Embassy in London. At Sooma, he stepped into the boots of a sales manager. “I soon realised that I’m not just selling equipment but enabling patients to get help with depression and chronic pain with our treatments. It has been great to be involved in raising awareness of a new treatment that relieves the burden on health care but does not compromise on quality."

For example, Ville has close experience with depression and understands how serious it is. This has brought to Ville's approach to sales situations and customer relationship management a sincere desire to bring the best possible solution to the situation for the patient. And here he also feels he has succeeded. “Once, a senior physician called me and asked for consultation help with patient care. For me, this tells me above all that Sooma is considered a reliable expert - we really know what we are talking about.”

Relevant and rewarding work

"In a few years I have come a long way and learnt tremendously," Ville says, referring to the early doubts that he can not cope in the field without any medical background. One of the acknowledgments of his professional development is his lecture to students of the Faculty of Medicine in Krakow on the topic of direct current brain stimulation. The lecture was praised, but especially Ville remembers the gentleman sitting in the audience, whose daughter had been saved from a difficult situation with neurostimulation treatment. "Once again, it brought a concrete reminder of how privileged we are at Sooma in being able to work within life-changing and meaningful things."

The Sooma way

“I like Sooma’s approach to the field of psychiatry and neurology in that we don’t just focus on Sooma’s success, but we want to raise awareness of the possibilities of the direct current stimulation in patient care,” says Ville. "And I am proud that the treatments of little Sooma from Finland are now in global use".

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